Richard the Lionheart Trail, this itinerary takes visitors to discover the treasures of Limousin's heritage... Further information

No need to cross the Atlantic to experience your very own road movie! Limousin is the new Promised Land for bikers. With its peaceful, winding roads, it is a true... Further information

Biker friends, you simply must stop over and stay in this 3 star hotel, on the border between Correze, Dordogne and Lot. It is nestled atop a hill and is... Further information

From Tulle to Royère de Vassivière : 180 kms. Possibly the Limousin Motorcycle Tour's most symbolic route, a tribute to the love story between humans and their bikes!  Further information



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Partner : Dafy Moto

Limousin Tourism has a partnership with a renowned motorcycle dealership :  Dafy Moto. 

Getting to Limousin

Would you like to spend a holiday in a secret place where you will find hidden treasures? Do you feel the need for a vacation off the beaten track where...

Limousin Mototorcycle Tour : you'll find the complete circuit across Limousin' 3 "departments" (Creuse, Correze and Haute-Vienne). 6 individual itineraries make up this circuit along Limousin's finest roads. 

Geocaching : road trip

Tèrra Aventura is a fun way to visit Limousin, without spending a penny. The concept: a high tech treasure hunt on Limousin’s backroads and an initiation to geocaching and to...